The Start

A little bit about me and how I came to making this blog.

In high school, I decided I wanted to major in psychology. The reason was because my mom was diagnosed with mental health issues. When I was younger I remember times she would go to the hospital and did not fully understand the reasons until I was in middle school. I love my mom and will not pretend to have the healthiest of relationships with her, but I am constantly trying to work on setting good boundaries in our relationship. I decided to stay close to home to start my journey into the mental health field.

I started college at University of the Pacific, located in Stockton,CA, in the Fall of 2012. After 3.5 years, I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology in December 2015. Then after I walked with my class in Spring 2016, I made my way down to San Diego. This was my first step in removing myself from the comfort of family and find a way on my own. I learned a lot about myself while there and began a new journey into fitness, my first relationship, and graduate school.

I contemplated on MFT or MSW programs and finally decided on attending the online school of University of Souther California in their MSW program. My second year in I found out I was pregnant and began a whole new journey. I was only a few months into my Internship year of schooling. Many decisions were contemplated on and we finally decided to move back to my family in order to be around the support for the baby. The first few days of January 2019 we took the long drive from San Diego to Sacramento.

I switched internships and started rebuilding connections in Sacramento. My hubby ( not yet at the time) separated from the military and started his new journey as well. It was not all rainbows and butterflies but we made it to the birth of our beautiful baby boy in June 2019. I somehow finished all my internship hours and classes graduating with my MSW in August of 2019. My internship became my new job as a therapist in training (Associate Social Worker- ASW).

I am now in the journey of obtaining hours for licensure while trying to be a supportive wife, mother, and daughter. This blog will hopefully provide you with something that you needed and will have many resources for you to utilize. It is tough being in this world so let’s try to make it easier for ourselves by sharing knowledge and resources.

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