Next Steps?

As a first time mama, wife, and therapist I can say with absolute confidence I know nothing and feel like an imposter. The life we live is the only we have in this body. No matter what you believe the body you are in now will have an expiration. My idea of life has changed and my outlook is shifted. I do not want to live my life working 40 hours a week until I am 60 years old and can finally retire and enjoy what is left of my life. Why is that our main goal. When did this idea come about? It does not sound like an enjoyable life to me. But at the same time this is what I am living for right now. I work a 9-5 Monday through Friday, It is difficult for me to wrap my head around anything else. This way of life has been ingrained in my head since the beginning. 

What is my goal? To break this mindset and create an opportunity for myself that I enjoy. Where will that take me? I HAVE NO IDEA. This blog is my beginning. I do not know where it will lead or if it will go nowhere. This is just my necessary step to get me uncomfortable and push me in a completely different direction than where I envisioned before this eye opening life shift.

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