Why does it have to SUCK?

When you enter a field as a newbie/ entry level you are usually told you have to deal with sucky stuff to be able to work your way up. I was okay with this concept for a bit, thinking “well we all have to do it, hard work gets the results right?” As I have been doing the sucky work for a while, I have been thinking more about why we say this? It really doesn’t seem right and from my point of view it looks like it doesn’t have to be this way.

An internship does not have to be completely unpaid. You are working almost 20-30 yours a week while in school having all your regular bills plus racking up tuition and getting no monetary compensation for the work that is bringing in the company money.

Fast forward to be being an employee with a degree at entry level well it isn’t that much better. Expectations are high, training is lacking, and money is crappy. This has made me question my decisions many many times so far and led me down different paths to explore. I would have loved for it to be made know with a BIG emphasis in school what the realistic expectations and work is in our field. I’m on the road to burn out before I really even start and this is the hard truth for many many people.

If you are in a job you suck. What is keeping you there? Is there a way you can do something else? Is it scary? Can you work towards getting out slowly at least? Or do something else on the side to give you more passion in life and fill you up?

I believe it doesn’t have to suck. I may not know how yet, but I am dedicated to figuring it out and being that voice that lets people know the TRUTH. Don’t just stick it out! You only have one life why have it be filled with burnout and regret. Taking a risk is scary and can be very very challenging, but you can’t have happiness without struggle.

Take Aways:

  1. It doesn’t have to SUCK! That’s a lie we are told over and over.
  2. Try to engage in something that fills you with joy.
  3. You have one life and are living it now.
  4. Happiness doesn’t exist without obstacles and struggle.

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