Few Months as a Stay-At-Home Mama

I have been a Stay-at-Home Mama for two months so far. I don’t think it is any new information when I say it is challenging and rewarding. As we are in the third year of COVID while I am writing this, many families have had to change their routines and have been both a full time worker and stay at home parent. Currently, I am a full-time stay-at-home mama, I have no other job. I knew before it would be difficult, but you really don’t know until you are completely in it. My feelings on being a stay at home mama are mixed. I love being with my son but I feel like I constantly have to be doing something. Something you can see, putting clothes away or a clean house, those regular home chores. Then I feel bad that I am spending all my time cleaning when I should be sitting and playing with my son. It is a constant fight within in and I am always feeling inadequate. When you also bring up the fact I am not contributing any money it makes it sting a bit more.

Lessons I have learned so far:

  1. There is always something to do and the job is never finished. (Duh, Jess)
  2. Spending quality time with your baby is important so let those dishes stay dirty for a bit longer.
  3. Enjoy the time but create some consistency with a schedule because it keeps you sane and moving along. It is easy to get stuck “doing something” while 4 hours pass you by.

This journey will only be lasting a few more weeks so maybe by them I will master this JOB. Jk jk this is the one you gotta keep studying and learning because you will get curve balls thrown your way consistently. My mindfulness practice has gotten a bit better, it still needs improvement but this has helped me with this change of my normal life pace.

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