OVerWhelmed With STuFF

These past few months I have been a full time stay at home mom and I realized my day was so busy with moving stuff around aka cleaning/tidying. I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated with all of it. Why am I spending time with my stuff rather than playing with my son or when I am playing with my son waiting until he takes a nap for me to be able to clean all the stuff. So I started researching and watching videos on minimalism. I have said I was going to be a minimalist a few times the past 5 years, basically since I heard the term and saw the movie on Netflix about it. BUT I continued to go through and get rid of stuff just to then buy a whole bunch of new stuff to replace it. Not sure if this is just me but I will also buy things and not use them because I want to save it for a “special occasion”. That stuff either expires or I forget about it and end up sending it to goodwill. I realized it wasn’t about getting rid of the stuff, it was understanding why I bought it and what I thought it did for me. Some things are easier to get rid of and I usually can get rid of a lot of those things. BUT then I drive past Target and end up with bags and bags of more things. I am a consumer and I shop when I’m bored, happy, sad, pretty much any feeling I have I will use shopping as a way to feel those emotions or suppress them. I have decided I want to stop this endless cycle of buying things to find what I am really looking for, peace and happiness. Which is not found in the stuff I buy!

It has been about two weeks and I have gotten rid of 3 car fulls of stuff. I am only human and I did have a slip up with a few trips to the store which I came home with not as much as I usually would have but still with some stuff I did not need. It was then I realized how difficult this really is and how I really do have a problem:).  I returned a few of the things, some of it I did need. And then I threw some of it in the donation pile because its not worth returning and I will not let myself keep it. 

It has taken time to go through the stuff but I feel like I have gained more time the past two weeks due to me having less stuff to move around the house. It is a bit easier to clean and tidy which feels AMAZING! I know I will have to make a conscious effort to stay on this path. It has made me feel great and I see the benefits already so I am staying  in the minimalist mindset! 

*Recommendation- if you want a good minimalist book to read or videos to watch check out Joshua Becker on YouTube and his book (he has a few) More is Less!

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