Good Info

Here are some things I have found in my search for information and knowledge on these following topics:


  • Peanut – Offers any type of Mama or Soon to be Mama or Want to be Mama a community to meet others like you. It is like Tinder for Mamas. If you feel like you are struggling and have know no one else that is going through your situation create an account and start finding a support system.
  • Trying to stay organized in your as a Mama. Yes it is very difficult and you are not alone. If you are like me you have bought all different shapes and sizes of planners. Passion Planner is one to try. They offer downloads to their planner for FREE on their website. They believe no matter what your financial situation is you should be able to have access to it. This could be a good way to try it out before you invest in one. But most likely you will be persuaded into purchasing one!
  • TheHappinessPlanner – is the BEST company for getting beautiful guided journals and planners. Also for self-development workshops. I recommend going to the website and exploring all they have to offer which is ALOT.

Therapyish resources for clinician and individuals

  • PsychTools – Offers so many great documents for Therapists. You are able to view some of them for free but can only download up to 5. If you are in graduate school then they have an offer where you can get a subscription for 1 year at HALF OFF. Overall, it is priced reasonably in my opinion, $99 for an individual no limit subscription.
  • The Social Networker
  • Therapist Aid – is a great website to find worksheets and other resources to be able to utilize in session with kids and teens. It offers a free version which still provides great content.
  • Headspace – is free for healthcare professionals or if you are unemployed for the year of 2020 (COVID 19). If you are a health care professional you just need to have an NPI number to put in.
  • PESI – has amazing deals on therapy books and therapy card decks and much more!
  • Books I’ve read or listened to and loved
    • Fierce Intimacy by Terry Real
    • The Decisions by Kevin Hart
    • When Good Kids Go Bad by Steven T. Olivas

Worksheet Resources for Sessions

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